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Dying Pythia Etchings

Artist proof edition by Pato Bosich
in collaboration with Ogami Press, Madrid.
Three Highgate Editions, 2022

return of the hero (etching draft).jpg

This  is an ongoing collaborative project with Ogami Press in Madrid, comprising a series of works embodying a vast interweaving of influences, both mythological and symbolic, which are directly inspired by ancient Greek mythology and Classical texts as well a play by Irina D. 'Oedipus.Complex' and Friedrich Dürrenmatt's short story 'The Dying of The Pythia'. 

A rich monochrome palette amidst a somewhat atemporal yet Classical stage of natural spaces, barren rocks, ruins and apocalyptic environments is the background against which this renewed Attic Tragedy occurs.

The central question is about Fate. The priestess of Delphi (the Pythia) is re-imagined as old and about to die. She is visited by both the living persons and ghosts (shades) of principal characters in the Oedipean saga. The conflicts that ensue renew the central tenets of Sophocles' tragedy and show the audience how current these Classical themes still are today.

The first two pieces are of Oedipus and Antigone undergoing the rite of passage of the 'return'. The third piece is an evocation of the Sphinx being devoured by her lions, a poetic metaphor of conflicting fates.

Oedipus  | © Pato Bocih | etching |Three Highgate Editions 2021.jpg
Sphinx devoured  | © Pato Bocih | etching |Three Highgate Editions 2021.jpg
Return of the hero  | © Pato Bocih | etching |Three Highgate Editions 2021.jpg
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