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Nurbol Nurakhmet

Three Highgate is honoured to host Nurbol Nurkhmet as an artist in residence during the summer 2024. 

Nurbol Nurakhmet (b. 1986) is a Kazakh artist, working in painting, collage, drawing and lithography. He lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he trained at the Kazakh National Academy of Art. He also received a Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art at the University of San Francisco in the USA.  

Nurakhmet’s practice demonstrates how the depiction of the body can convey both the complex inner world of the individual and the socio-political climate of a nation. In this way, his work oscillates between the personal and the collective. Nurakhmet’s figures are often depicted nude, with obscured features, or without skin or heads. This vulnerable depiction of the human figure alludes to political violence and the experienced loss of identity, histories and cultures in his native country. Constructing enigmatic scenes, his practice reflects on spaces of memory and navigates moments of introspection, nostalgia, and protest. 


Nurakhmet has been exhibited internationally, both in solo and group shows. Notable exhibitions include Panopticon: The Unsettled Body at Three Highgate (2023, London, UK), The  Split at Aspan Gallery (2019, Almaty, Kazakhstan), Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum at the Suwon I’Park Museum of Art (2018, Suwon, South Korea), At the Corner: City, Place, People at the Tselinny Centre for Contemporary Culture (2018, Almaty, Kazakhstan), Suns and Neons above Kazakhstan at the Yarat (2017, Baku, Azerbaijan) and Unconscious in A. Kasteev Museum of Arts (2014, Almaty, Kazakhstan). 


Pato Bosich

Three Highgate was honoured to have an acclaimed Chilean artist, Pato Bosich as an artist in residence from the gallery's inception until March 2023. 

Born in Santiago in 1978, Pato is a London-based contemporary artist. He graduated from Camberwell School of Art in London in 2004 and has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, Latin America and the United States, including most recently in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Ateneum Art Museum in Finland, The Courtauld Institute and London University in London, in Chile at the MSSA and MAM Museums, Porter Contemporary in New York, Jano Arts and Fundació Catalunya Amèrica in Barcelona and Sberbank University in Moscow.

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