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Pato Bosich - Apotheosis of the Hero and 
Irina D - Oedipus.Complex

Recent paintings by Pato Bosich with Poetry by Irina D

Three Highgate presents the latest series of paintings by Pato Bosich which form part of his ongoing dialogue with antiquity and mythology. These characteristic compositions include fragments of classical sculpture interwoven with ancient and modern ruins amidst barren landscapes. 

The Return of Oedipus

The sculptural fragments have been inspired by Bosich´s interactions with the British Museum’s collection of ancient Greek sculptures and reflect his fascination with mythology. 


Rather than being outdated, fanciful tales, Greek myths are still relevant today and help to shape our modern thinking. You need to look deep beyond the surface of the stories, as narrated through Bosich’s paintings, to reveal their wise universal morals, philosophies and cautions.

self portrait in the studio
Oracle Luna surrounded.
Los Amantes
shade of tiresias

Bosich’s new body of work is in part a collaboration with the Russian writer and poet Irina D., whose play Oedipus.Complex, is a reworking of the classic Sophoclean myth. Her dialogues reinterpret this famous mythology in modern, rationalist terms; whilst her poetry reconnects the audience to the story’s tragic roots. Irina’s play, in turn provides the evocative subject matter for Bosich’s paintings. 

Pythia crossing the Styx
Oedipus II

Both play and paintings feature the ghosts of principal characters from the tragedy set against a backdrop of urban wastelands and post-apocalyptic ruins. Also closely linked to Irina D.’s poetry is Bosich’s cycle of paintings entitled, The Apotheosis of the Hero, where the Hero is both torn and elated by the contradiction of existence. 

In the ‘Mythologies’ collection, Bosich engages an impressive and inventive range of media and materials, moving playfully amongst large canvasses, stone slates, adhesive on paper, parchments and wood - all elaborated with his distinctive palette of precious metals, alloys and stone. Together with the poetic calligraphy on the slates, they create a unifying whole, evoking bygone eras with a contemporary sensibility.


Bosich and Irina D also collaborated with Ogami Press in Madrid to create a limited edition of etchings of selected paintings and poems from the collection.

sphinx devoured etchings with margins.jpg
oedipus and antigone etching re cut.jpg
Shade of Sphinx
Sphinx III

This series of paintings are both a homage to the continuing physical and textual presence of these historical relics, and a re-evaluation of our relationship with the past. From Bosich’s rich mix of iconography and symbols, these ancient presences find two different realms through which they reveal themselves to us: the world of antiquity and the modern world. Through the medium of these ancient tales combined with Irina D.’s poetry, Bosich is able to explore many aspects of the human psyche expressed with a unique painterly sensibility.  

The return of the Hero

Pato Bosich was born in Chile in 1978, studied fine art in London where he lives and works. He has exhibited internationally in galleries and public museums. 


The exhibition has been put together in collaboration with James Putnam, an independent curator and writer and former founder curator of the British Museum’s Contemporary Arts and Cultures Programme. 

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