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The Unsettled Body


Artist talk and panel discussion on the poetics of inhabiting a body as a site for subjectivity, discipline and memory. 

22 May 2023




Join the artist talk and panel discussion with the artist Nurbol Nurakhmet, Dr. Rebecca Daniels, Dr. Maia Kirchkheli, and the curator Indira Dyussebayeva – Ziyabek


The focus of the talk will be on the current solo exhibition, Panopticon: The Unsettled Body. The artist expands the definition of space beyond its traditional understanding; not only situating his figures within interiors and landscapes but spaces of memory, the past, and political ideology. Working in large-scale painting, drawing, and collage, Nurakhmet’s practice explores the poetics of inhabiting a body as a site for subjectivity, discipline, and memory. His practice depicts the ways in which the human experience engages in an ever-changing dialogue with the spaces we inhabit.


Nurbol Nurakhmet (b. 1986) is a Kazakh artist, working in painting, collage, drawing and lithography. He lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he trained at the Kazakh National Academy of Art. He also received a Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art at the University of San Francisco in the USA.

Nurakhmet’s practice demonstrates how the depiction of the body can convey both the complex inner world of the individual and the socio-political climate of a nation. In this way, his work oscillates between the personal and the collective. Nurakhmet’s figures are often depicted nude, with obscured features, or without skin or heads. This vulnerable depiction of the human figure alludes to political violence and the experienced loss of identity, history, and culture in his native country. Constructing enigmatic scenes, his practice reflects on spaces of memory and navigates moments of introspection, nostalgia, and protest.


Dr. Rebecca Daniels is a Senior Researcher at the Estate of Francis Bacon where she has worked since 2007. She is the Associate Editor of Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné (2016). Daniels is currently writing a book on Bacon’s early career as an interior decorator and how he transformed into a painter. She is also co-authoring a book Francis Bacon: The Artist’s Materials for the Getty Conservation Institute in L.A. She completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford on Walter Sickert and while there catalogued the furniture collection at the Ashmolean Museum. Since 2008, Daniels has explored the influence of Sickert on Bacon bringing together her two research specialties. Daniels was a Trustee of the Sidney Nolan Trust from 2014-20 and curated Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain at Pallant House Gallery.


Dr. Maia Kirchkheli is a psychoanalyst and a member of the British Psychoanalytical Society. She is currently in full-time private practice in London. She teaches psychoanalytic theory at IOPA, BPA, and UCL. Besides being a psychoanalyst, she has been involved in various artistic pursuits and her main area of interest is an overlap of creativity and psychoanalysis. Kirchkheli, M (2017) ’Beyond words’ won the Winnicott Essay Prize marking the publication of the Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott by Oxford University Press in 2017. Kirchkheli, M (2018) ‘Two faces of Medea: from an arrow to a sword’ presented at the IPA conference, ‘Medea: Femininity, Motherhood, Love and Hate’, organized by COWAP (Committee of Women and Psychoanalysis, IPA) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her paper Holding and Visceral Attention, Bodily Concentration of an Analyst Under Covid-19 Lockdown won Rozsika Parker Prize 2020, run by the Journal of British Psychotherapy where it was published.


Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek is an independent curator and the co-founder of the International Art Development Association (IADA), a non-profit organisation supporting and promoting contemporary art from Kazakhstan and Central Asia. She founded Ainalaiyn Space in January 2022. Indira holds an undergraduate degree and MA in History of Art from University College London (UCL). Her academic research explores themes including memory and psychoanalytic theory; cultural trauma; the maternal body; and the corporeal metaphorics of nomadic dwellings. These research questions are discussed in dialogue with contemporary art practices. Indira has curated and co-curated numerous international projects.


Notes to Editors


Panopticon runs from 14 April – 18 June 2023. The exhibition is open 2 - 6 pm Wednesday – Saturday and during the London Gallery Weekend, 2 - 4 June. On all other days by appointment only. To book an appointment, please contact and


The exhibition has been curated by Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek, assisted by Phoebe Bradley-White, and produced in collaboration with Three Highgate Gallery.


For general enquiries and press enquiries, please contact Indira and Phoebe at and Irina at

About Three Highgate 


Three Highgate is an art gallery and creative hub based in Highgate Village, an iconic part of London, perched at the top of Highgate Hill and teeming with history and culture. The gallery places special emphasis on development and promotion of both emerging and established artists with a unique and poetic vision. 


In addition to its contemporary art programme, Three Highgate also runs diverse cultural Symposia - artist-led gatherings and live events dedicated to theatre, literature, music, dance, film and poetry.


About Ainalaiyn Space 


Established in 2022 by Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek, Ainalaiyn Space is a nomadic arts project that showcases contemporary art from an interdisciplinary perspective. The project is primarily based in London but works in collaboration with international organisations and a global community of artists, curators and researchers. With learning, research, and experimentation at the centre of its practice, Ainalaiyn Space’s exhibitions, residencies and public learning programme celebrate the intersections between art and fields such as science, psychoanalysis, performance, philosophy, anthropology and archaeology.  @ainalaiynspace 

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